TOP 10 Best Food Photographers 2022: @foodelia

Result: Number 6 in the World
a year long international food photography competition


Hello! My name is MIHAIL
and I’m a professional award winning food photographer from Latvia.


One Eyeland Awards 2021: @oneeyeland

Results : 2 Bronzes & 1 Finalist

"Sweets sweets sweets" photo:

   1 BRONZE in Advertising Food category

   1 BRONZE in Advertising Still Life category

"Physalis" photo:

   FINALIST in Food category





   Why food photography? Because it allows me to see and show the beauty of food. I truly believe that a good professional photo of food is as important as it’s taste.

   I specialize in food photography (restaurants, magazines, brands, cookbooks),  as well as product and interior photography.

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2022: @foodphotoaward


"Burger time" photo,

Food at the Table category